Conferences and Publications

Conferences – International:

• Carnegie Colloquium The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: evidence of student learning. ‘Evidence of role identity and developing professional practice as educators’. Atlanta March 2005

• United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Perspectives of Global Development Education in Poland – Implementation of the key issues to the higher education programs. ‘Harnessing faculty creativity in Higher Education Institutions’. Warsaw May 2005

• Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) ‘Academic Skills Development Academic Skills Development: changing attitudes through a community of practice’. Katy Newell Jones, Debbie Massey, Debbie Osbourne. Sydney June 2005

• Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Teacher preparation for IPL: emerging issues from the PIPE Project. Amsterdam August 2005

• International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL). ‘International perspectives on learning and curriculum design’. Vancouver October 2005

• 1st Nurse Education International Conference, (NETNEP),. (A) ‘Preparing for Interprofessional Learning and Teaching’, Newell-Jones, K, Lord, M and Goldsmith, J. (B) ‘Interprofessional Learning and Teaching in Practice’. Newell Jones, K and Wee, B. Vancouver May 2006


• More than just a PIPE Dream: emerging issues from the PIPE project. Embedding Interprofessional Learning in Postgraduate Learning and Teaching programmes. Oxford July 2006.

• UK Forum for International Education and Training (UKFIET) The Oxford Conference on International Development. ‘Rebuilding communities through integrated literacy and peacebuilding programmes: pan-African experiences’ Oxford September 2005

• Education for Sustainable Development Bournemouth University. ‘Small Beginnings of a Community of Practice with a Global Focus’. Bournemouth September 2005

• Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE) and Bradford City Council ‘Teacher Preparation for IPL: emerging issues from the PIPE project’. Bradford June 2005

• Graduates as Global Citizens, Development Education Association. Session entitled ‘Global interdependence’. London April 2005.



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Book Chapters:

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Other publications:

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