TitleRoleDateOrganisation / funder
Embedding literacy and numeracy in community development (Mozambique)Technical consultant / facilitator2021 to dateMICAIA
Person-centred communication for FGM/C prevention: capacity building for research teams (Guinea, Kenya, Somaliland)Trainer2021 to dateWHO /WHO
Climate VoicesExternal evaluator2020 – 2022International Climate Challenge / Rowntree Foundation
Guidelines for ethical research into FGM/CConsultant / co-author2019 – 2022WHO / WHO
Person-centred communication for FGM/C prevention (pilot: Guinea, Somaliland, Kenya)Technical consultant / reviewer2019WHO /WHO
Final evaluation on female genital cutting (FGC) in Somaliland (Somaliland)Lead researcher / evaluator2018ActionAid, ORCHID PROJECT / Comic Relief
Capacity building on community-based research supporting evidence-based programme development for Somaliland Family Health association (SOFHA) (Somaliland)Lead consultant / capacity builder for local research team2018-2019Population Council, ORCHID PROJECT / NORAID ORCHID PROJECT
Knowledge Sharing Workshops on FGC in Samburu communities (Kenya)Programme developer / lead facilitator2019ORCHID PROJECT / ORCHID PROJECT
Knowledge Sharing Workshops on FGC in Somaliland (Somaliland)Programme developer / lead facilitator2019ORCHID PROJECT
Professionalism in medical education (GAZA, Palestine)Facilitator2019Islamic University of Gaza / PRIME UK
Scoping FGC in Somalia: actors, activities and actions (Somalia)Consultant2018ORCHID PROJECT / ORCHID PROJECT
Knowledge Sharing Workshops on FGC in Liberia and Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone)Programme developer / facilitator2018ORCHID PROJECT / ORCHID PROJECT
Mid-term Review on female genital cutting (FGC) in Somaliland (Somaliland)Lead researcher / evaluator / capacity builder2018ActionAid, ORCHID PROJECT / Comic Relief
Baseline survey of attitudes and behaviours in relation to FGC (Kenya)Lead researcher, capacity builder for local research teams2018ORCHID PROJECT / ORCHID PROJECT
Dissemination of research findings on FGC through participatory knowledge sharing (Somaliland)Programme developer / lead facilitator2017Population Council, ORCHID PROJECT / NORAID
Knowledge Sharing Workshops on FGC among Maasai and Kuria communities (Kenya and Tanzania)Programme co-developer / co-facilitator2017-2018ORCHID PROJECT / ORCHID PROJECT
Simulation in midwifery and nurse education (Palestine)Facilitator2016, 2017Bethlehem University, West Bank, Palestine / PRIME UK
Attitudes and behaviours relating to female genital cutting in Somaliland (Somaliland)Lead researcher / consultant2016-2019Population Council, Orchid Project / NORAID
Intergenerational approaches to literacy teaching and learningCo-author, facilitator2016-2017IUL, UNESCO (Hamburg) / UNESCO
Nurse and midwifery education – training of trainers (Palestine)Curriculum developer / facilitator2015Bethlehem University, West Bank, Palestine / PRIME UK
Baseline research on female genital cutting (FGC) in SomalilandLead researcher2016Action Aid, Orchid Project / Comic Relief
Embedding literacy in vocational training (Rwanda)Consultant, curriculum developer, trainer2015Network for Africa / DFID
Enhancing Women’s and girls’ rights through family literacy (South Sudan)Researcher, facilitator2015Feed the Minds / Comic Relief, Baring
Mother and child health (Pakistan)Curriculum and material developer, trainer2010-2014Feed the Minds / Big Lottery, DFID
Maternal health and rights (Nepal)Project set up, trainer, facilitator2014Feed the Minds / Big Lottery
Comparison of different models of embedding literacy into Vocational Training (Sierra Leone)Literacy consultant2014Feed the Minds / Comic Relief
Global Initial Teacher Education (UK, Kenya, India)External evaluator2008-2014International Climate Challenge / Barclays DFID GPAF
Your Land, Your Rights: capacity building for women’s land rights (Rwanda)Literacy consultant2009/2010Feed the Minds / Big Lottery
Global Understanding and Global Social Responsibility within the Business Community: Contribution of the Earth CharterExternal evaluator2011-2013Earth Charter UK / DFID DAF
Alternative rights approaches to FGM/C (Kenya)Lead researcher2010-2011Feed the minds / Comic Relief
Midwifery curriculum implementation and evaluationTrainer and evaluator (Vietnam)2005-2008UNFPA / Ministries of Health and Education, Vietnam
Literacy and peacebuilding in conflict/post conflict contexts (Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Guinea, Rwanda)Evaluator (Guinea) Project lead (Sierra Leone, South Sudan) Facilitator, trainer (Rwanda)1999- 2014Education for Development / Feed the Minds / British Council, Diana Memorial Fund, National Lottery, Baring Foundation